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Vacation with IT Nova

For children

from 5 to 17 years old

We offer:

We offer:

City computer camps

Educational programs in the United States, Japan, Australia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Singapore

Professional Camps

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International holidays with TOP Academy

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Education Format

Education Format

Since 2017

We've been running camps since 2017

41 600
Schoolchildren spent their holidays with us
Countries visited
IT companies visited
Educational programs for children and teenagers

Visits to companies

Visits to companies

In Every Camp

In Every Camp

Visits to the world's most famous IT companies: Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Autodesk, Yahoo, Amazon
Interesting educational program
Sightseeing tours
Entertainment program
Project-based approach



Your child's health and safety is our priority. While planning our educational program we take into consideration every detail.

What we do before every camp begins:

  • Parents are obliged to inform us about medical indications, as well as diet and sports regimen.
  • All playgrounds are obliged to send us the certificates of quality and conformity (water, food, territory).
  • We ensure first-aid medicines reserve and give instructions to the medical staff of the Camp.
  • We all take a first-aid medical exams.
  • Parents are provided with the full contact information of the responsible persons.
  • The program is planned to make sure every participant is getting engaged in the activities.

What we do during every camp:

  • We take photos every day.
  • We organize special activities to make sure each student feels as a team member and gets to know new friends.
  • We get in touch with parents at the slightest reason.
  • We take care of both: physical activties and emotian well-being of the children.

Every evening we fill out a health form with our students (it's impossible to "silence" a disease).

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